Configure Auto-discover for Mail Setup

Here’s a future feature request idea or perhaps it’s possible already?

Auto-discover allows your email client (such as MS Outlook) to configure email address setup automatically. A lot of users struggle with manual email settings.

Would it be possible to implement auto-discover within future Sympl releases?

Noteworthy - This would be a ‘game changer’ in terms of setting up handhelds!

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Something like that should be possible, and fairly easy to impliment.

It should simply be a case of creating relevant XML files, and aliasing them in Apache - apart from the domain, they will probably all be identical, so it should be easy enough to template.

I’ve had a quick look at what would be involved, and it certainly seems possible.

It’ll likely need the SSL and DNS updates to be completed first (as extra DNS and more domains are needed for the SSL certs), but it certainly seems possible, and would be very nice to have.

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I agree it would be very helpful. This is especially true for iPhone and Android users as currently as far as I can tell both seem to struggle to get things working as they should. Interestingly, gmail seems to pick up all the account details just fine.