Are there plans to support HTTP/2

I’m wondering if there’s plans to support HTTP/2 in Apache?

Yes, there are.

It’s enabled in the templates at the moment, but the module isn’t enabled by default, as it doesn’t play nicely with mpm_prefork, so would need either fairly dangerous config changes (for low-spec machines), or a swap to mpm_event.

The rewrite of sympl-web-configure will eventually include configuration for that as well as a few other useful switches and settings.

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Hi All,

I had this working very nicely on one occasion with symbiosis, switching to mpm_event and PHP_FPM and all running in the conf-enabled driectory so the only thing needed was to call the ‘protocols’ keyword. This can be done in the virtualhost part of the configuration and, of course, be delegated to the .htaccess file so that sympl can continue to look after the sites-* files for certificate rotation and the like…

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Useful to know. Will be a nice little performance boost when it fully arrives. Many things to consider that are outside my current set of knowledge.

+1 on this - more recently i’d been manually swapping our new bytemark+symbiosis hosts to using mpm_event with php-fpm and configuring for HTTP/2 to achieve higher google lighthouse scores, so some way of swapping sympl to that would be ideal (i could do it manually but it means amending the virtualhost configs to remove the new mod_php security additions, and not sure if manually amending the virtualhosts will cause any issues further down the line if you add http2 support later?).
Sweet spot would be creating a file in the config directory to say you want to use mpm_event + php-fpm and sympl use a slightly different virtualhost template automatically to support it?

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It’s very much on the list, but will probably have to wait for a few other things to be rewritten first (SSL and DNS specifically) as they touch so much, but it’s pretty much next on the list.

What I’m working toward is that things like Apache and PHP are fully configurable; specific versions for sites via FPM, (optionally) separate chrooted users for each site, easy to configure back-ends behind Apache, switchable PROXY protocol settings, and things like that.

Theres a lot on the roadmap, and it’ll take a good while to cross them all off, but development is ongoing to deal with the technical debt from Symbiosis, at which point it’s full steam ahead.

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Much as I am enjoying using Sympl right now, it is very pleasing to see what’s in the pipeline - lots of goodies to look forward to!

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